Boardwalk Inkwazi Shopping Centre - Your Centre of Shopping in Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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Parking and Security


Any relaxing shopping experience begins with the convenience of car and motorbike parking. At Boardwalk Inkwazi we have visible access to the mall from Kruger Rand Road and Bullion Boulevard, where entry to one of our 5 parking bays and 2 undercover components is simple and easy. For your peace of mind, the paid undercover parking bays are boom-controlled and have patrolling security. The pay stations are situated at the mall entrances leading from the parking bays. With 2245 free parking bays, 472 basement parking facilities and around 11 740 council parking areas at the mall. Boardwalk Inkwazi is the place where the dedicated shopper can enjoy designated parking.



In order to not compromise your safety and security when you frequent Boardwalk Inkwazi, the shopping centre has contracted guarding security officers to ensure patron peace of mind. You will see the uniformed guards patrolling the mall's passages and with the aid of CCTV cameras, the shopping centre can be monitored for criminal activity. The Centre Management team also works closely with the local SAPS to help ensure discreet management of criminals with uninterrupted shopping for you and your family. Your safety at Boardwalk Inkwazi is as much your responsibility as it is ours. Don't be distracted or preoccupied when using an ATM, packing groceries in your car, carrying your handbag or minding your child. Ensure the safety and security of your belongings when visiting the public restroom by taking them into the cubicle with you and be sure to not leave them behind.