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Your store has been automatically added to the interactive store directory on the Boardwalk Inkwazi website!


The aim of these listings are to provide your customer with contact information about your business as well as promotions and events that you can upload and manage yourself. Our website is search friendly, meaning people searching your services and products on Google will find your listing, promotions and events on the Boardwalk website. Adding the correct details, logos, descriptions, contact details as well as the promos and events is recommended and a valued added service of being a tenant. It is however also non-compulsory but we trust it will be a valuable asset to your marketing.


How does it work:

You need to be a registered member of the Boardwalk Inkwazi website first so go ahead and register on the Store Directory pages (left hand side menu - or follow this direct link If you are reading this online on our website then you are already registered!

Once registered you need to go and CLAIM your business... Use the search tool in the Store Directory pages to find your Store. In the store page click on the "Claim Business" link on the right hand side of the page. You will be prompted to fill in a few details. Please match the email address to the email address you used on registration.

Once you have claimed your business it will be reviewed by our administrators

On successful claim you will be able to edit your business details and add descriptions, images, social links and more - Do this by accessing your Tenant control panel which you get to by clicking on "My Store" in the Tenants Menu or by following this link:


The Control Panel

  • Box 1 is where you go to manage your store information - Click on the store name to edit!
  • Box 2 is where you manage/add your promotions and specials - Use this tool to add your specials - they will appear on your store listing
  • Box 3 is where you manage/add your events - Use this tool to add any events - they will appear on your store listing
  • Box 4 "Manage your orders" Kindly ignore this as it is a free service at this stage
  • Box 5 "Manage Bookmarks" Any other listings you favourite with the little heart will show here
  • Box 6 "Billing Details" No need to fill this in as it is a free service at this stage 


If you cannot edit your store after claiming your business it means that your Claim has not yet been approved by an administrator

If you need any help please contact

Store promotions and events will be randomly displayed on the store directory pages

Watch our helpful instruction video