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AngelBerry is not just another frozen yogurt brand! We are a premium product offering our South African customers a taste of what real Fro-Yo is all about. 

Our products are all natural, low in sugar (Diabetes Friendly!), pro-biotic and Halal. 

All our fro-yo ingredients are sourced from the top ice-cream houses in Italy. If you want the best ice-cream in the world then Italy is the place to go. It's the same with fro-yo.

We don't just offer Fro-Yo but also a range of delicious blenders (smoothies), cones, parfaits, American-style pancakes as well as gourmet coffees and hot chocolates. 

Our stores are designed to European standards and include iPad juke boxes packed with the latest tunes for our customers to choose from.

So come and check us out. Once you've tasted AngelBerry Fro-Yo you won't want anything else.

AngelBerry SA is a fully South African owned and operated company. 

Our aim is to provide a supremely premium product at an affordable price. We aim to please by creating a great in-store experience through our love of music and great customer service. 

AngelBerry will be working with local community charities and organisations targeted at promoting a healthy and safe environment for children.

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